Hi There!

My name is Madeline Halm.

I'm a newlywed Nashville transplant trying to make my way through post-grad self discovery and the finding out of who I am as an artist & human. Sound familiar? 

I've tried out a lot of things throughout the years. I've gone through many different nicknames, college majors, and filtered through several different ultimate life dreams from princess, to florist, to musician, to graphic designer. I'm a work in progress.

In my change, I've found two things to be consistently present in my life. One, being my adoration of lovely things. The rhinestone princess dresses at age 5. The fresh blush roses and eucalyptus. That perfect chord and harmony. When the font, colors, and images just click. The second remaining piece being the power of a savior, Jesus. This by no means is me saying I've been consistent in my faith journey. In fact, I'm saying the opposite. I've been all over the place. This makes it all the more stunning that Jesus has always, always been the same in His character and love towards me. My whole life. In all the change. How beautiful.

With that said, feel free to join me and follow along here as I continue to be, simply, a work in progress.