Welcome to Take Care,

a blog that takes note of the glory in the here & now. 

Here in the smallness, the waiting, and the insignificance lies something of great glory. The kind of thing that steeps you and I’s everyday lives in meaning, purpose, and true loveliness. The kind of thing that stirs us to greater care of ourselves and the ones that fill the space around us. It’s the glory of Jesus Christ, which I believe is mixed into each detail of this human life. It weaves us into an eternal story that gives weight to our smallness.

“Take Care”, at its most honest, is a sentiment, a goodbye, to wrap a fleeting encounter in grace. It is a phrase that both sends and welcomes as it exchanges familiarity. In this techno-world of fleeting, digital encounters, I hope this blog welcomes you and sends you off refreshed, encouraged, understood, and ready to take care in whatever way that looks in your life.

So, welcome. Grab a cup of your favorite thing to sip on and settle in. I’ll be sharing my thoughts, parts of my personal journey, art, self-care techniques, and anything else I find to be lovely or meaningful. The goal of my words is not to make you crave more material things, or to make you think more like me. The goal is to make you crave life- the life you live, in all its hiccups, heartaches, bellyache laughs, and God-given significance. And I hope that when you go, you truly, honestly,

Take Care,